One Spirit, many gifts

Homily for the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

St. Isaac Jogues at sunrise.

This week I stopped at the store to purchase a box of wine.  Just in case there was another quarantine, I wanted to make sure I had enough on hand to celebrate Mass.  Also, like the miracle at Cana, I wanted enough left over for dinner.  Coming out of a box, however, I’m not sure that anyone would say, “You saved the best for last.”

         There’s something a little bit lighter in today’s Gospel story.  Usually, Jesus’ miracles involve healing grave ailments—leprosy, paralysis, even death—but the miracle at Cana begins and ends at a party.  At most Jesus’ intervention saves the new bride and groom from a social embarrassment.  The miracle also seems a bit off script, not what Jesus had in mind.  It’s his mother, after all, who intercedes for the couple and then doesn’t take no for an answer.  When Protestants object to Catholics praying for Mary’s intercession, I point out that all we’re doing is repeating what happened at Cana.  Nobody knows what Jesus is capable of better than Mary.

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